How a future catastrophe should not exist

The talk about a second wave drives me mad. It really does. I totally don’t get it. So imagine you are told there is a catastrophe in 6 months. The question is then, why? you have six months SIX fucken MONTH to get ready to avoid the catastrophe. So why should it happen? The answer, it should not. And that’s what drives me mad about a second wave. It should not happen. That is the catastrophe of closing everything down because it should not happen. We have 6 months to prepare.

Ok, we are missing beds and buildings? Easy, either build or convert the existing buildings to meet the needs. Machines? you can build so many machines in 6 months!

The bigger problem: Doctors and People to handle the second wave. There are not enough doctors and physicians. Really? why? you have 6 months to prepare more doctors to be ready. Take the 4-year medical students and make them ready to help in COVID-19 second wave. Let’s call it “COVID-19 prep course.” You can also have NP and AR take the course.

Ok, 4-year med students are not enough? simple, convert existing doctors to be Covid-19 prep ready. 6 months of courses. Take all the eye doctors, the skin doctors, the joint doctors, the quack doctors who are out of a job right now – no one goes to see them, they are not essential right now – and convert them to be COVID-19 reserves. Why would they? Because you’ll give them their salary for the course and a bonus. For every month of prep course, they will have one less month of student loan to repay. And then, if they are needed, for every week of COVID work they do, they get a month paid off their student loans. That’s a nice incentive. And also you’ll get younger doctors joining, which is good since they are not supposed to be at risk for COVID-19.

In 6 months, two semesters of course-work, or even 3 quarters of course-work, the system should be able to produce professionals that can deal with covid-19. They do not need to know everything, just the pinpoint work needed in response to covid.

So people should be educated, buildings should be ready, machines are easy to build. oh, tests! Just get as many people tested as possible from now until September. So you can map the population and its vulnerabilities.

In 6 months there is no reason to shut down the economy over something that can be prepared for. NOTHING. And it just drives me mad that a second wave is a threat above our heads.

That was the daily rant. Stay tuned for more rants coming to you soon in any computer you can get this page from.

and lastly, with some black humor tone to it, since most of the over-80 people in old-peoples home have already died, the second wave should be way less dramatic!