Here at Amherst

1. the slogan of the town of Amherst is
“I amherst.”
Am I the only one who hears that as
I am hearse?

2. speaking of hearse and Amherst,
what will happen to a college town whose
college decided not to bring students to town?
We went to downtown, playing business bingo.
High horse – closed, Judy’s – closed until further notice,
Subway – open, Antonios (yea, a pizza place, of course) – might survive.
Oh, finally a business that will stay,
the funeral home across from CVS!

3. As someone who learned about the US from mainly
watching the little house on the prairie, 5:30 pm on the Israeli only TV channel,
the show that people got blind and miraculously recovered, or vice versa,
I remember that every now and again,
the entire town, or village, will be wiped out,
due to famine, extreme weather, or a small pandemic;
half of the town would die and the town and
whoever survived the pandemic, famine, or extreme weather,
will start over elsewhere
(mamash gush katif!).
Walking in downtown Amherst,
I can not think of Little House in the Prairie, half and wiping out half towns and their businesses.
(although now I know that this was basically cliff hangers at the ends of TV seasons
and that killing some characters was since the actors did not agree to take pay cuts).

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